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Staffing Agency, Essential asset of successful businesses.

Staffing Agency is a leading recruitment firm in the UK specialising in temp and temp to perm recruitment solutions. We help our clients to pinpoint the most exciting employment candidates in your area. We go through the entire recruitment process from start to finish, helping your business to hire the best workers.
If you are looking for a reliable staffing partner, Staffing Agency is the best recruitment partner for you. With our track record of success in the recruitment industry, we help clients both large and small to realise their dreams.

We can also help professionals to find their dream job. At Staffing Agency, you can benefit from many rewarding employment opportunities. If you’re looking for a temp job or a temp to perm position, our agency is the best place to look.

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Career Opportunities

We understand that there are many different approaches to recruitment. Our industry experts intimately understand the recruitment industry and what it takes to succeed.If you are looking for a reliable staffing partner, Staffing Agency is the best recruitment partner for you. With our track record of success in the recruitment industry, we help clients both large and small to realize their dreams.

What We Offer


When it comes to recruitment, speed is of the essence. Our clients are looking to hire workers without any delays, so they need a team of professionals who can get the job done quickly. We deliver fast results, helping our clients to hire workers often within a matter of hours or days. No more hanging around for weeks without any results.  TALK TO US


Hiring the very best employees is vital for your long-term growth as a business. Finding the most talented workers is no easy task for a business. Therefore a staffing agency is an optimal choice for companies seeking the highest quality employees. At the Staffing Agency, we work with the best candidates in your local area. We can help you to hire only the most suitable workers for your job to ensure you build a team worthy of your company. FIND INSIGHT


Unlike regular recruitment which tends to focus on permanent positions, temp recruitment is a much more specialized area requiring a company with vast experience in temp recruiting. Staffing Agency is a highly experienced temp recruitment agency that can help your business to hire workers. SEE THE TOOLS

We drive Business Performance

Why Staffing Agency & Why Temp Recruitment

Many companies rely heavily on temp workers, while other businesses tend to hire more permanent employees. If you are considering temp recruitment, there are many reasons why temp workers are ideal for your company.
Temp recruitment offers many advantages including:

Avoiding Long-term Contracts

Some businesses need to hire more workers but are not sure how long they will need them for. It can be financially burdening to commit to long-term contracts without knowing if you need to hire someone in the long-term. This is where a temp recruiter can come in. Staffing Agency will help you to find suitable temp workers in your area.


With temp to perm recruitment, your business will always have the option of changing a temp worker into a permanent member of your team. This offers an ideal level of flexibility that allows you to shape your recruitment policy around your business’s needs. You will be able to adapt to your circumstances and transition from temp to perm easily.

More Affordable

Hiring workers on a permanent basis means committing to a salary agreement over the long-term. Your business may need to hire someone only for a few weeks or months. With temp recruitment, you only pay for exactly what you need, so it will end up much more efficient financially speaking.

Try New Workers

Before your business commits to hiring an individual long-term, you may want to see how they perform on the job. With a temp to perm recruitment agency, you can hire individuals without committing to them long-term. This gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.


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Our Guarantee

We offer all our clients our guarantee to ensure we develop a relationship built on trust. Our guarantee offers our clients the assurance that we promise to deliver results quickly, efficiently, and tailored to your business.

This means we will only recommend the most suitable and exciting candidates for your business, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that finding the perfect candidate can make or break your company, so we use all our expertise to match the best professionals to your job.

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