Finding The Perfect Agency Receptionist Jobs In London: A Guide To Recruitment Agencies

Picture this: you’re walking through the bustling streets of London, CV in hand, ready to land that dream job as a receptionist. But where do you start? That’s where I come in – with years of experience navigating London’s job market maze, I know a thing or two about linking star candidates like yourself with top-notch employers.

And here’s an insider tip just for you: recruitment agencies are your best ally in this quest.

Now, don’t let the thought of agency intimidate you; it’s quite the opposite! With a skilled recruitment agency by your side, tailored specifically for receptionist roles (yep, they exist!), you’re accessing a hidden job market ripe with opportunity.

In fact—and this might grab your attention—many coveted receptionist positions never even hit the open market; they’re filled via these specialist connectors before anyone else gets a peek.

Intrigued yet? Keep reading.. You’ll be glad you did!

Key Takeaways

  • Recruitment agencies are key for finding hidden receptionist jobs in London, giving you access to roles not always advertised.
  • Specialist agencies can offer advice and match your skills with the right job, whether it’s permanent or temporary work.
  • Check an agency’s track record and make sure there are no hidden fees before signing up.
  • Networking, keeping your CV updated, and using online job portals can improve your chances of landing a great position.
  • Top London recruitment agencies include Front of House Recruitment, Howett Thorpe, Jeanette Brewer Recruitment, Huntress Search, Resource Professionals Limited, and Hunt Recruitment Ltd.

Why Use a Receptionist Recruitment Agency in London?

Agency Receptionist Jobs

Ever found yourself in a bit of a pickle, trying to snag that perfect receptionist gig in the bustling heart of London? Here’s the thing—tapping into a receptionist recruitment agency could be your golden ticket.

It’s like having a backstage pass; these folks have got the inside scoop on who’s hiring, what they’re looking for, and how you can shine brighter than The Shard on a sunny day. Plus, with an agency fighting your corner, you get to bypass those pesky job hunt blues.

So why go solo when you can have your own job-hunting squad?.


Benefits of using a recruitment agency

  • They’ve got the connections: These agencies know all the right people. They chat with loads of companies every day, so they can introduce you to bosses you’d never meet otherwise.
  • Save you time: If job hunting feels like forever, agencies speed it up. They do the legwork and find jobs that fit what you want.
  • Expert advice is on tap: Not sure how to shine in an interview? The folks at the agency teach you tricks to impress those hiring.
  • They know what’s up: With an ear to the ground, agencies tell you about hot jobs ASAP—sometimes even before they hit the public eye!
  • Your champion in the ring: Think of them as your personal cheerleader — pushing your CV forward and talking up your skills to companies.
  • It’s usually free for you: Most often, it’s the companies that pay them when they find someone cool like you. Nice, right?
  • Special jobs just for temps: Want something flexible? Temp receptionist agency work is perfect for those who need a bit of wiggle room in their schedule.

Specialisation in receptionist jobs

Some agencies just get it. They focus only on receptionist jobs, and boy, do they know their stuff! Imagine experts who speak the language of front desk needs all day long. Yep, that’s them.

These folks dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes a top-notch agency receptionist shine in London’s bustling corporate scene or a medical receptionist indispensable to clinics.

They have the inside scoop on everything from suave hotel receptionists to friendly travel agency greeters. What does this mean for you? Well, if it’s landing your dream job behind the desk at a fancy advertising firm or being the face of a high-end hotel lobby you’re after—these specialty recruiters can hook you up with employers looking for exactly your kind of sparkle.

How to Choose the Right Receptionist Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right receptionist recruitment agency in London is a bit like picking your favourite chocolate from a box of Quality Street – you want the one that feels just right for you, and boy do we have some sweet tips to make sure you nail it! (Keep reading..

there’s more where that came from!).

Consider the agency’s reputation and experience

You want the best receptionist agency in London, right? So, check how long they’ve been finding jobs for people. A good track record means they know what they’re doing – and that’s a big deal.

They should have loads of happy clients who say nice things about them. Think about it like this: if lots of other folks trust them, you probably can too.

Now, experience is key. Look for agencies with years under their belt because that means they’ve seen it all. They’ll handle any curveballs your job search throws at them smoother than a double-decker bus cruising down Oxford Street! Plus, these pros have built relationships with top companies so they can put your CV right in front of the big bosses.

Trust me; you want an agency that knows everyone worth knowing in the biz.

Look at their job listings and clients

Peek at their current job openings to see if they fit what you’re looking for. A lot of positions for front desk receptionists, medical receptionist jobs or even temp agency receptionist gigs? That’s a good sign! They should have a variety of roles on offer—this shows they’ve got the inside scoop on who’s hiring.

Check out which companies the agency works with, too. Big names? Exciting start-ups? Maybe they help find staff for cool places like travel agencies or fancy hotels. If an agency has clients that make you think “Wow, I’d love to work there!” – well, it sounds like you might be onto something special.

Check for any fees or hidden costs

Okay, so you’ve found some agencies that look promising. But hold up—not so fast! Before you get all excited and sign on the dotted line, make sure to check if they’re going to charge you any fees.

  • Sometimes these sneaky costs don’t show up until later, and boy, can they be a nasty surprise! We’re talking admin fees or even cuts from your salary which isn’t fun for anyone.
  • Always ask upfront about any costs involved. No one wants to land a fab new job only to find out there’s a price tag attached that nobody mentioned. Peek at the fine print or just straight-up ask them – “Are there any fees I need to know about?” Trust me; it’s better to know all this before you start than getting stung with unexpected bills down the road.

It’s your hard-earned money we’re talking about after all!

Read reviews and ask for recommendations

Before picking a receptionist recruitment agency in London, dive into what others say about them. Look up reviews online to see if they’re ace or a bit dodgy. People share their real experiences, and that’s gold for figuring out which agencies are top-notch.

Hit up your mates too! They might know the scoop on who’s brilliant at finding those front desk gigs.

Chat with folks who’ve been there, done that—especially those who have scored sweet receptionist jobs through agencies. Their recommendations can point you towards the right place.

Plus, word of mouth is like a secret weapon; it gives you insider info on which temp agency for medical receptionists or any other niche spot is worth checking out!

Tips for Finding the Perfect Receptionist Job in London

Alright, let’s talk shop about snagging that ace receptionist gig in the Big Smoke! You’ve got to play the game smart – it’s not just what you know, but how you strut your stuff.

Keep your ear to the ground, ’cause I’m about to spill some top-secret tips on landing a receptionist job in London without getting lost in the crowd. Ready? Let’s dive in..

Keep your CV updated

Got a shiny CV? Great, but don’t just stash it away! Keep it fresh and up-to-date. You’ve bagged new skills or conquered another challenge? Add them in. And hey, those job descriptions change like the weather, so tweak your CV to match what the receptionist jobs agency London is after.

It’s like tailoring your outfit – you want that custom-fit to stand out.

Think of your CV as a living document—always growing, always changing. Snagged a temp gig through the receptionist temp agency London? Plop that experience right onto your CV. Got some new tech know-how or nailed a course recently? Shout it from the rooftops (or just put it on your CV).

This way you’re all set with bells on when your dream job waltzes by.

Showcase relevant skills and experience

So, you’re eyeing that receptionist agency job in London. It’s time to shine! Dust off your CV and load it up with all the skills you’ve got. Answering phones like a pro? Check. Keeping calendars organised? You bet.

Greet visitors with a smile that lights up the room? Absolutely. Make sure every skill related to being a fab receptionist is front and centre.

Now, let’s talk about experience – if you’ve been at this game before, share those stories! Worked the desk at a medical practice or juggled calls at a busy corporate office? Brilliant – get that down on your CV too.

Show them you’re not just looking for any old job – you want this one and you’ve got what they need. Let’s be honest, everyone loves someone who can hit the ground running!

Network and attend job fairs

Get your name out there and shake some hands! Job fairs in London are a goldmine for meeting people from receptionist agencies. It’s where you can chat face-to-face with employers who need someone just like you to be the face of their company.

Bring a big smile, plenty of CVs, and get ready to talk about how awesome you are at making first impressions.

Don’t just stand in a corner—walk around, join conversations, and hand out your contact details. You’ll not only hear about the latest agency receptionist jobs in London but also make connections that could lead to something even better down the line.

Think of it like a party where everyone is there to help each other find their perfect job match—it’s networking magic!

Utilise online job portals

So, you’re on the hunt for that dream receptionist gig in London? Smart move—hit up those online job portals. They’re like treasure maps, but instead of X marking the spot for hidden gold, it’s a click to your next job opportunity.

Keep an eagle eye on sites like Indeed or Reed; they’ve got the lowdown on who’s hiring and what positions are hot off the press. Search with terms like “receptionist agency jobs London” or “medical receptionist temp agency,” and bam—you’ll see loads of options pop up.

Make sure your CV is polished and ready to go because these portals let you apply right then and there. Talk about convenience! And hey, set some alerts while you’re at it. This way, anytime a new listing that matches your skills goes live, you’ll know about it quicker than anyone else can say “new job alert!” Plus, applying’s easy peasy—you usually just hit ‘Apply Now’ and watch as your application flies through cyberspace straight to your potential employer’s inbox.

It really does feel like living in the future sometimes!


Hey, let’s talk about finding a great receptionist job in London! Working with a recruitment agency can be smart. They know all about receptionist jobs and can help you find one fast.

These agencies are experts at matching people with the right jobs. If you need work quickly, temp agencies are also an option. They’re good for short-term positions whilst you look for something more permanent.

There are some well-known agencies in London like Front of House Recruitment and Howett Thorpe, as well as others like Jeanette Brewer Recruitment, Huntress Search, Resource Professionals Limited, and Hunt Recruitment Ltd.

Each one has its own style and connections to different companies.

Picking the best agency is important too. You’ll want to check how long they’ve been around and what kind of jobs they have. Also make sure there aren’t any hidden fees that surprise you later on.

Reading reviews from other people or getting recommendations can really help.

When it comes to landing that perfect receptionist role, keep your CV fresh and highlight skills that fit the job description. Networking is key—attend events where you can meet employers face-to-face.

Don’t forget to look online for job ads too!

Let’s ask someone who really knows this stuff – imagine we’ve got an expert named Emma Thompson (no relation to the actress). She’s been helping folks get receptionist jobs for over 20 years! Emma went to top universities and won awards for her amazing work in recruiting.

Emma says using recruitment agencies makes sense because they focus on finding just the right match between job seekers and companies needing friendly faces at their front desks.

Emma reminds us safety matters when choosing an agency – go with ones that follow rules set by officials (like certifications). Being honest up front means everyone wins!

She suggests using these services regularly since they know all the latest news about available roles – whether full-time or temporary gigs pop up unexpectedly.

Now, everything has upsides and downsides, right? Emma points out these agencies give lots of choices but watch out – sometimes it’s hard trying to pick from so many options!

Finally, our expert Emma gives thumbs-up on using recruitment agencies if you’re after a fab new position as a London receptionist — she reckons it’s totally worth checking them out!


1. What’s a receptionist recruitment agency in London?

It’s a place that helps people find jobs working as a receptionist—like being the friendly face at a hotel, medical office, or even for an escort service.

2. Can I get help finding temporary medical receptionist work?

Yep! There are agencies that specialise in temp gigs for medical front desk roles. They’re like matchmakers but for jobs!

3. Are there any options for part-time or remote receptionist positions?

Of course! Whether you fancy working from home or just need something part-time, there’s likely an agency with just the thing you’re looking for.

4. I don’t have experience; can I still find a job as a receptionist?

Absolutely—you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Some places might be on the hunt specifically for newbies (If we all needed experience to start, no one would ever start!).

5. Do these agencies also cover specific fields like legal or vet receptions?

For sure—they’ve got niches covered! Whether it’s answering phones at law firms or greeting pet owners at vet clinics, they’ll point you in the right direction.

6. How do I pick the best agency if I want to be a travel agency receptionist?

You’d want to look out for those with top-notch reviews and who know loads about hospitality and travel spots—they’ll give you tips on landing your dream gig!


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