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Order pickers play a crucial role in warehouses and distribution centres across the UK. Ensuring efficient staffing is key to a smooth supply chain. Team Staffing, a leading order picker recruitment agency, specialises in finding the perfect candidates for these roles.

This blog post explores how their expertise streamlines your hiring process. Discover their industry-leading services today.

Key Takeaways

  • Team Staffing is a renowned recruitment agency specialising in order picker placements, maintaining an extensive network of clients and candidates across the UK.
  • They offer comprehensive staffing solutions, including temporary staffing, permanent recruitment, managed service provider solutions, payrolling services, vendor management system integration, on-site management, and training and development programmes.
  • Team Staffing boasts an impressive 90% placement rate across multiple industries, thanks to their rigorous screening process and expertise in matching candidates with suitable roles.
  • Clients praise Team Staffing for their personalised approach, responsiveness, professionalism, and commitment to finding the perfect fit, contributing significantly to their operational success.
  • Candidates can explore various job listings across diverse industries, benefit from personalised job matching, and receive constant communication and support from Team Staffing throughout the recruitment process.

What is Team Staffing?

An experienced order picker selecting items in a busy warehouse.

Team Staffing is a renowned recruitment agency specialising in order picker placements. They maintain an extensive network of clients and candidates across the UK, ensuring efficient and tailored staffing solutions.

The company’s services encompass various aspects of recruitment, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and finalising job placements. Their expertise lies in matching skilled order pickers with suitable job opportunities in warehouses and distribution centres.


A team of order pickers working in a busy warehouse under the guidance of Team Staffing consultants.

Team Staffing excels as a premier recruitment firm specializing in order picker roles. With an extensive network spanning the United Kingdom, they connect top talent with reputable companies.

Their expertise lies in meticulously curating job opportunities that align with candidates’ skills and preferences.

Leveraging cutting-edge applicant tracking systems and advanced recruitment software, Team Staffing streamlines the hiring process. Their talented consultants guide candidates through each step, ensuring a seamless journey from application to onboarding.

As industry leaders, they continuously adapt to evolving market demands, delivering innovative staffing solutions tailored to client needs.

Services provided

Workers being trained to pick orders in a busy warehouse.

Team Staffing offers comprehensive staffing solutions tailored to clients’ needs. They specialise in order picker recruitment across various industries.

    • Conducting thorough candidate searches and screening processes.
    • Sourcing top talent for permanent order picker roles.
    • Providing career counselling and guidance to job seekers
    • Permanent recruitment
    • Acting as a single point of contact for all staffing needs.
    • Managing contingent workforce programmes for clients.
    • Streamlining processes and ensuring compliance
    • Managed service provider (MSP) solutions
    • Handling payroll administration for temporary workers.
    • Ensuring accurate and timely payment of wages and benefits.
    • Reducing administrative burdens for clients
    • Payrolling services
    • Seamlessly integrating with clients’ existing VMS platforms.
    • Providing real-time visibility into staffing processes and metrics.
    • Enabling efficient management of multiple staffing suppliers
    • Vendor management system (VMS) integration
    • Deploying experienced on-site coordinators.
    • Managing day-to-day operations and resolving staffing issues.
    • Ensuring seamless communication between clients and workers
    • On-site management
  1. Training and development programmes
    • Offering ongoing training for order pickers.
    • Upskilling candidates to meet evolving job requirements.
    • Enhancing productivity and job performance.


Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

A group of satisfied clients interacting with Team Staffing consultants in a warehouse setting.

Team Staffing has built a strong reputation for excellence in order picker recruitment. Clients appreciate the agency’s personalised approach and commitment to finding the right fit.

  1. “Team Staffing understands our business needs. Their consultants take time to grasp our requirements, providing us with skilled order pickers who seamlessly integrate into our operations.”
  2. “The agency’s expertise in the logistics sector is unparalleled. They consistently deliver quality candidates, enabling us to maintain efficient warehouse workflows.”
  3. “We value Team Staffing’s responsiveness and professionalism. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure we have the right staffing solutions, even during peak periods.”
  4. “Partnering with Team Staffing has streamlined our recruitment process. Their comprehensive candidate screening and thorough interviews ensure we receive only the most qualified applicants.”
  5. “The agency’s local presence and industry knowledge have been invaluable assets. They truly understand the nuances of order picker roles and match individuals with suitable opportunities.”
  6. “Team Staffing’s consultants are approachable and communicative. They keep us informed throughout the hiring process, making it a seamless experience.”
  7. “The agency’s commitment to finding the perfect fit is evident. They take the time to understand our company culture, ensuring candidates align with our values.”
  8. “We’ve built a strong, long-lasting partnership with Team Staffing. Their consistent delivery of top talent has contributed significantly to our operational success.”

How Team Staffing Can Help You Find the Perfect Job

A woman in her mid-30s smiles while browsing job listings on a laptop.

At Team Staffing, we understand the challenges of finding your ideal job. Our personalised approach ensures you receive constant communication and support, allowing you to explore various job listings across different industries.

We take pride in our extensive network, specialising in order picker recruitment and boasting a strong track record of successful placements. Read on to discover how Team Staffing can match you with your perfect career opportunity.

Various job listings in different industries

Team Staffing offers an extensive range of job opportunities across diverse industries. Their comprehensive job listings cater to a wide spectrum of professionals.

Warehousing and Logistics:

  • Order Pickers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Delivery Drivers
  1. Manufacturing:

  • Production Operatives
  • Machine Operators
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Skilled Tradespeople
  1. Hospitality and Catering:

  • Chefs
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Waiting Staff
  • Bar Staff
  1. Retail:

  • Sales Assistants
  • Cashiers
  • Stock Replenishers
  • Visual Merchandisers
  1. Office and Administration:

  • Receptionists
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Service Representatives
  1. Healthcare:

  • Care Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Support Workers
  • Cleaners
  1. Construction and Engineering:

  • Labourers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Site Managers
  1. Transport and Distribution:

  • HGV Drivers
  • Van Drivers
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Yard Marshals

Personalised job matching

Effective job matching optimises candidates’ strengths. It connects the right talent with suitable roles.

  1. Understanding applicants’ skills, experience and career aspirations is pivotal.
  2. Our seasoned consultants conduct in-depth interviews to uncover candidates’ potential.
  3. We identify each applicant’s unique traits, motivations and cultural fit.
  4. Using proven screening techniques, we pinpoint individuals aligned with roles.
  5. Comprehensive job matching considers qualifications, personality traits and career goals.
  6. Our robust process ensures applicants are placed in positions maximising their abilities.
  7. Regular communication with candidates refines our understanding of their preferences.
  8. Thorough profiles capture applicants’ strengths, enabling accurate job matching.
  9. Careful evaluation matches candidates with companies offering desired work environment.
  10. Ongoing candidate relationship management facilitates job matching for future opportunities.

Constant communication and support

Communication stays open throughout the recruitment process. Team Staffing maintains contact, providing guidance from initial application to job placement. Their consultants offer personalised mentoring, ensuring candidates feel supported.

This consistent communication builds confidence, addressing queries promptly.

Team Staffing values ongoing support after job matches. An assigned consultant remains available, aiding employee integration. Periodically, they check satisfaction levels, resolving issues swiftly.

This commitment nurtures lasting professional relationships.

How to Advertise Your Vacancy with Team Staffing

A busy warehouse with diverse employees showing teamwork and efficiency.

Advertising vacancies with Team Staffing is simple and efficient. All you need is to provide details of the role – Team Staffing handles the rest.

Using this leading order picker recruitment agency ensures your vacancies reach qualified candidates. Their expertise matches you with the right people for warehouse and logistics jobs.

Benefits of using Team Staffing for recruitment

Utilising Team Staffing’s recruitment expertise ensures access to an unparalleled talent pool. Their extensive network spans diverse industries, granting clients a competitive edge.

With a proven track record, Team Staffing guarantees efficient placement of top-tier candidates, streamlining your hiring process. Their rigorous screening ensures cultural alignment and technical proficiency, mitigating costly hiring mistakes.

Team Staffing’s personalised approach sets them apart. Their consultants collaborate closely, understanding your unique requirements. This tailored service delivers candidates aligned with your business objectives.

Leveraging cutting-edge recruitment technology, they identify high-potential talent swiftly. Furthermore, their transparent communication and responsiveness foster a seamless partnership, facilitating informed decisions throughout the recruitment journey.

Simple and efficient process

Team Staffing simplifies advertising vacancies. Employers provide job details. The agency’s experts match qualified candidates quickly. The streamlined approach accelerates placements, reducing downtime.

Transparent processes ensure seamless hiring experiences.

From my first-hand experience, I found Team Staffing’s vacancy advertising process straightforward. They handled everything efficiently after I provided the role requirements. Within days, qualified candidates were presented for interviews – streamlining the entire recruitment cycle remarkably.

Joining the KPI Recruiting Network

A job seeker browsing KPI Recruiting network for career opportunities.

KPI Recruiting partners with Team Staffing. This network accesses a vast talent pool. Join us to explore rewarding career opportunities.

Overview of KPI Recruiting

KPI Recruiting is a reputable recruitment network that connects talented individuals with top employers across the UK. This agency specialises in various sectors, offering comprehensive staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

With an extensive database of qualified candidates and a team of knowledgeable consultants, KPI Recruiting ensures seamless matches between job seekers and suitable roles. Their personalised approach, combined with industry expertise and a commitment to excellence, sets them apart as a trusted partner for both employers and candidates.

Testimonials from satisfied candidates

Team Staffing boasts a stellar reputation for successfully placing candidates in rewarding roles. Numerous individuals have shared their positive experiences and gratitude.

  1. Emily, a recent hire as an order picker, expressed her appreciation: “Team Staffing’s personalised approach made all the difference. Their recruiters truly listened to my career aspirations, resulting in a perfect job match.”
  2. Javed, who secured a warehouse operative position, praised the agency’s professionalism: “From the initial consultation to the interview preparation, Team Staffing’s guidance was invaluable. Their expertise in the logistics sector ensured a seamless recruitment process.”
  3. Sarah, now thriving in a supervisory role, highlighted the agency’s commitment: “Team Staffing went above and beyond, consistently providing updates and support throughout the hiring journey. Their dedication to finding the right fit for both candidates and employers is truly commendable.”
  4. Michael, a satisfied warehouse manager, shared his positive recruitment experience: “As an employer, I’ve relied on Team Staffing for top-notch talent. Their extensive candidate pool and industry knowledge have been instrumental in building a highly skilled and motivated workforce.”
  5. Samantha, a recent graduate who landed her dream role as a buyer, expressed her gratitude: “Team Staffing’s career guidance and mentorship were invaluable. They understood my aspirations and helped me navigate the job market with confidence.”
  6. Jack, a forklift operator, praised the agency’s efficiency: “The process was smooth and streamlined. Team Staffing’s prompt communication and attention to detail ensured I secured a fantastic opportunity without any delays.”
  7. Olivia, a logistics coordinator, commended the agency’s personalised service: “Team Staffing took the time to understand my unique skills and career goals. Their tailored approach led me to a fulfilling role that aligns perfectly with my aspirations.

Available job opportunities

Team Staffing offers a wide range of job opportunities for order pickers across the UK. With their extensive network and expertise, they connect talented candidates with rewarding roles.

  1. Permanent Order Picker Positions: Secure long-term employment with reputable companies through permanent placements.
  2. Temporary Order Picker Assignments: Gain valuable experience by accepting temporary assignments tailored to your availability.
  3. Part-Time Order Picker Roles: Explore flexible part-time opportunities to balance work and personal commitments.
  4. Entry-Level Order Picker Jobs: Kickstart your career in the logistics industry with entry-level positions and comprehensive training.
  5. Seasonal Order Picker Vacancies: Capitalise on peak demand periods by taking on seasonal roles during busy times.
  6. Order Picker Apprenticeships: Develop skills through structured apprenticeship programmes, combining hands-on experience with classroom learning.
  7. Order Picker Supervisor Roles: Progress your career by applying for supervisory positions that leverage your leadership abilities.
  8. Order Picker Night Shift Openings: Maximise your earning potential by considering night shift opportunities with attractive pay rates.
  9. Warehouse Order Picker Vacancies: Join the workforce of well-established warehousing and distribution centres across various industries.
  10. Forklift Order Picker Positions: Expand your skill set by pursuing roles that require forklift operation certifications.


Efficient warehouse operations with organized shelves and order pickers fulfilling orders.

With a commitment to excellence, Team Staffing stands tall as the premier order picker recruitment agency. Specialized expertise empowers them to connect top candidates seamlessly.

Satisfied clients vouch for their unmatched service quality. Embark on your career journey with Team Staffing – unrivaled professionals dedicated to your success. Embrace the future with confidence.


1. What makes Team Staffing the leading order picker recruitment agency in the UK?

Team Staffing excels as a top warehouse recruitment agency. We offer unmatched employment solutions for logistics staffing. Our recruitment agency software ensures efficient placement. We’re among the best recruitment agencies for both locals and foreigners.

2. How does Team Staffing differ from other job recruiters?

We’re not just another temp agency. Team Staffing provides comprehensive workforce recruitment services. We use cutting-edge recruitment software to match candidates. Our approach combines technology with personal touch, setting us apart from standard job agencies.

3. Can Team Staffing help with temporary staffing needs?

Absolutely. We’re experts in temporary work arrangements. Our temp service covers various industries. We’re the go-to agency for companies seeking flexible staffing solutions. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we’ve got your temporary employment needs covered.

4. Does Team Staffing cater to other industries besides warehousing?

Yes, we do. While we’re known for warehouse recruitment, we’re versatile. We offer customer service staffing, logistics recruitment, and more. Our talent pool spans various sectors. We’re a one-stop shop for diverse hiring needs.

5. How does Team Staffing ensure quality candidates?

Quality is our priority. We use advanced recruitment database systems. Our rigorous screening process identifies top talent. We maintain a vast network of skilled professionals. Our team stays updated on industry trends to ensure we provide the best candidates.

6. What support does Team Staffing offer to clients and candidates?

We provide ongoing support to both clients and job seekers. Our customer service is top-notch. We offer guidance throughout the recruitment process. For candidates, we provide job search assistance. For clients, we ensure smooth onboarding and follow-up support.


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